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Anti-Wrinkle Injections 

What is an anti wrinkle injection

Bocouture & Azzalure is a botulinum toxin type-A specifically designed for use in aesthetic indications.

It is  a prescription medicine used to temporarily prevent the release of acetylcholine from sympathetic nerve terminals, and so relaxing the injected muscles.

It is a Prescription Only Medicine (POM), and should only be administered

by a trained aesthetic  professional.


It is also used aesthetically to treat movement lines in the face which

cause distress including:

  •  Glabella (between the eyes)

  •  Forehead lines

  •  Forehead lift

  •  Crow’s feet

  •  Bunny Lines

  •  Gummy Smile

  •  Neck Bands  (Nefertiti Neck Lift)

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

Small doses of the protein is injected into the affected area of the body e.g armpits therefore blocking signals from the brain to the sweat glands reducing the amount of sweat that is being produced. The treatment is not a cure for hyperhidrosis – it only provides temporary relief. It needs to be repeated every three to six months for maximum effect.

How long will it last

Everyone reacts slightly different to muscle relaxing injections . It depends on muscle tone, previous treatments and gender. Static lines which are present when the face is relaxed will soften with the treatment and improve the more treatments are taken but will not completely disappear as they are not caused by movement of muscles .The effects of the treatment can take between 3-14 days, with the optimum effect seen between 7-14 days

The  effects can last between 3-6 months, usually starting

to wear off at around 13-16 weeks . For optimum effect it is

recommended to have the next treatment before the

previous treatment completely wears off.

Top-ups are not routinely done but following a review further

treatment can be administered at 2-3 weeks to assess if any

top up required.

 A top-up requested beyond 4 weeks will be  £50.00

N.B A health check is required prior to having the treatment with our prescriber,this takes 15 minutes and a deposit is  required for the appointment and prescription £30.00.Appointments can then be organised a few days later to proceed with the treatment  .The £30.00 is deducted off your first treatment when booked. Failing to attend this first appointment will result in the loss of the £30.00 reduction in your treatment and it will be charged at full price. To book  subsequent appointments will require a further  £30.00 non-refundable deposit.


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